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How do I change the name of my company?

Follow these three steps to change your company’s name:

1) Choose the new name
2) Pass a special resolution
3) Submit Form 205 – Notification of Resolution

1) Choose the new name

When you are satisfied with the new chosen name you will need to make sure that no other company is using the name before proceeding.

The Identical Names Check facility can be used to determine if the proposed company name is available. The name will be rejected by ASIC if it already exists on this database.

The National Names Index National Names Index is a free online index of existing Australian corporate and business names.

You can also search the ABN Lookup service found at the Australian Business Register website.

Before officially changing your company’s name you may need to reserve a company name. 

2) Pass a special resolution

The company’s members are required to pass a special resolution in favour of the name change. At least 75% of your company’s members, who are entitled to vote, need to pass the special resolution for the name change to proceed. You will also need to document the date, time, place and the resolution being passed (that is, the new company name) in writing.

If you are the only member in your company you will need to draft a document stating that you agree to change the company’s name.


3) Submit Form 205 – Notification of Resolution

Locate the Form 205 - Notification of Resolution.

You have 14 days from when the special resolution is passed to submit Form 205 and pay the ASIC fee. If you take more than 14 days ASIC will charge late fees. A copy of the resolution needs to be transposed onto Form 205 where indicated. A director or the company secretary needs to sign Form 205 before it is lodged. ASIC accepts both electronic and postal lodgments.


What happens next?

If ASIC accepts the new name you will be notified in writing and ASIC will officially change your company’s registration details on its public register. The process is finalised when you receive a Certificate of Registration on Change of Name. 


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