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How do I reserve a company name?

If you like a particular name you can reserve it for your company. A name can be reserved if you are intending to start a new company or if you are changing your company name.

1) Search the National Names Index

The National Names Index is a free online index of Australian corporate and registered business names. You will need to find out whether or not your proposed company name is available.

2) Apply to reserve a name

If your proposed name is available you will need to complete Form 410 - Application for reservation of a name. It can be lodged by postal mail or submitted electronically. The mailing address is on the application form.

The application process is complete when ASIC sends you the reservation number in writing. The name will be reserved for 2 months from the date on which ASIC approves the application. You can extend the name reservation by lodging another application form before the 2 month period is over. ASIC usually allows up to two extensions and will only grant another extension if extenuating circumstances exist.

You will need the following information when reserving your proposed company name:
1) Details of the name to be reserved
2) The company details
3) Purpose of the reservation
4) Your details and signature

Once reserved, existing companies will simply continue their operations using their new name, and for new companies the next step is to set up and register the company.


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