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How do I apply for a tax file number?

1) Ask your accountant to apply on your behalf
2) Apply at the Australian Business Register website
3) Complete the form at the Australian Taxation Office

Ask your accountant

Your accountant can apply for a tax file number on your behalf because your accountant can locate the required information for you. Your accountant will prepare the application form and request the necessary documentation from you for proof of identity. This will save you the time and hassle of researching the necessary information.

The Australian Business Register website

Complete the online application form at the Australian Business Register if you need a tax file number for a partnership, trust or company. You can register for goods and services tax, an ABN, and Pay As You Go withholding tax in the same application form.

Sole traders use their own personal tax file number. Individuals operating as a sole trader cannot apply for a tax file number via the Australian Business Register website. You will need to register as an individual using one of the forms at the Australian Taxation Office website.

The Australian Taxation Office website

Companies, partnerships and trusts apply for a tax file number on a different form to individuals.

Individuals who are residents of Australian for tax purposes, and individuals who are non-residents living outside of Australia for tax purposes, complete different forms. You will need to provide the necessary documents for proof of identity purposes.

Apply for a tax file number before registering an ABNas it will speed up the ABN application.
The application process is complete when the Tax Office sends you notification of your tax file number in writing. This usually takes around four weeks.


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