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What information will I need at my first consultation?

Accounting firms require information about you, and any associated entity, to enable the firm to access files at the Australian Taxation Office and to update the public register at the Australian Securities & Investments Commission. The information is private and confidential and requires your written consent prior to being disclosed to third parties.

First consultation checklist:

Note: The following details are required for individuals and all associated entities such as their spouse, company, trust, partnership or superannuation fund.

1) The name of the individual or entity
2) The tax file number and date of birth
3) The Australian Business Number (ABN)
4) The Australian Company Number (ACN)
4) The most recent year-end financial statements
5) The most recent tax return lodged with the Australian Taxation Office

How to locate this information:

Tax file numbers are displayed on tax returns and PAYG payment summaries. Most Australian Taxation Office correspondence and notices will display the associated tax file number.

Australian Company Numbers are all listed in the National Names Index ( The National Names Index is a free search facility available to the public that allows access to details about corporate and business entities. Australian Business Number’s can also be found on the Australian Business Register website ( and business activity statements.

A previous accounting firm will also have records of tax file numbers, financial statements and previous tax returns.

After the first consultation:

Once your new accounting firm has your basic information, they will contact your old accounting firm to have the remaining documentation transferred. These documents typically include:

- Recent financial statements, taxation returns and tax assessments
- General ledger, trial balance and supporting information for the last 12 months (eg. journal entries, bank reconciliation, hire purchase creditors working papers, depreciation schedule, cost base information for capital assets, borrowing costs write-off schedule, and prepayments)
- Details of carried forward capital losses
- Pay As You Go payment summaries, payroll tax matters, the latest fringe benefits tax return and fixed asset register
- Work Cover correspondence
- Vehicle log books
- Capital assets within companies that have been acquired under the rollover provisions of the Income Tax Assessment Act
- Director loans and their exemptions from fringe benefits tax or s108 of the Income Tax Assessment Act and their treatment with respect to Division 7A
- Company loan repayment arrangements for loans subject to Division 7A
- Information on any interposed entity elections and a copy of Ultimate Beneficiary Statement of Trusts (if applicable)
- Superannuation records including Trust Deed and Australian Taxation Office/ Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Annual Return
-  The company minute book, the company register, and the diagram of the corporate structure for clients with multiple entities
- Relevant agreements including service agreements, management agreements, loan agreements and license agreements.



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