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How do I find my lost superannuation?

There are four methods available to locate lost superannuation funds. All these methods require a degree of time and effort, especially when there are multiple funds involved. It is worth persevering as you may uncover numerous superannuation funds that hold accounts on your behalf.
The 4 methods are:
1) Search the SuperSeeker website
2) Search the Ausfund website
3) Contact the superannuation fund directly
4) Contact your employer (or previous employer)

1) The SuperSeeker websitedoc=/content/33301.htm

The SuperSeeker website provides a free search that should list all the superannuation funds which have accounts in your name. The search is based on your tax file number, name and date of birth. If this search shows too few results you will need to continue your investigation.

2) The Ausfund website

Ausfund is Australia’s Unclaimed Super Fund and manages small, lost or inactive superannuation accounts. A previous fund may have transferred your superannuation into Ausfund if they couldn’t contact you, if you had a small account balance or if they were no longer contributing into your account. The Ausfund search is also free.

3) Contact a superannuation fund

Superannuation funds can be contacted directly and a search can be conducted on your behalf to recover any superannuation belonging to you.

4) Contact an employer

If the details of your superannuation funds are lost, you can contact your current or previous employers to obtain the relevant fund information. This method is the most time-consuming as you will need to re-trace your steps and contact former employers from previous employment including part-time jobs and vacation work. Ask to speak with the payroll department, if possible, as they will be the most likely to have the fund details.


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