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How should I send my tax work to an accounting firm?

There are four options available to send your working documents to an accounting firm:

  1. Email
  2. Postal mail
  3. Fax
  4. Delivery in person

Working documents are the documents required by your accountant to prepare your financial information and complete your tax returns. A good accounting firm will accept your working documents through all the above-mentioned channels, enabling you to better utilise your time to generate revenue and grow your business. The first three options are likely to be more suitable if you are an international client.

The best time to send your information to an accounting firm is when all the relevant documents are available and there is no missing information. You should have all these documents well before the due lodgment date.

Option 1: Email your working documents

For many clients, this is the easiest option. Simply scan your working documents into a .pdf file and email the file directly to the accounting firm. These documents are saved on a server for reference and will be stored for at least five years as required by the Australian Taxation Office. You can also email data files including MYOB, Quicken, spreadsheets or your own summary.

For Maurice Vasin & Associates clients, email:

Option 2: Mail your working documents

Accounting firms accept your working documents and data files by post. Your working documents are stored and the relevant information is extracted from the data files. The postage cost is tax deductible and clients that reside interstate or overseas are advocates of this option.

For Maurice Vasin & Associates clients, mail to:
Maurice Vasin & Associates
8 Peel Street
Dover Heights   NSW   2030

Option 3: Fax your working documents

Working documents can be faxed directly to your accounting firm’s office. If the data file is large then you may wish to email or post the data file rather than individually printing and faxing it.

For Maurice Vasin & Associates clients, fax to: 02 9371 9639

Option 4: Delivery in person

By making an appointment to meet with your accountant, you can personally deliver your tax work. This option will also give you the opportunity to discuss the working documents as well as exploring tax minimisation and tax planning strategies.
If you operate a large business and meet with your accountant on a monthly or quarterly basis, you may decide to submit your working documents during one of these meetings.
Maurice Vasin & Associates is located at: 8 Peel Street, Dover Heights, NSW.



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